Forbes Magazine: The Kraft Heinz Mess Is A Warning To Advertisers: You Can't Cost-Cut Your Way To Growth

If a business is built for the long term, then it is build on a solid infrastructure. When it comes to your people, your systems, or your marketing you simply cannot afford to make it up as you go. This article from Forbes offers a fascinating look at how the economic recession of the early 2000s kicked off a changing mindset from seeing marketing and branding as an expense rather than an investment. Paired with the fact that technologies shift the focus from strategy to tactics, the result is that too many entrepreneurial business leaders mistakenly equate building buzz with building brand. In short, if your plan for business growth boils down to posting, then your business could be in big trouble down the road.


Over the years, I’ve come up with a Moonshot approach for marketing strategy. It’s just an easy way to remember some of the most important things that good marketing should aim towards. I refer to it as a moonshot because it’s aspirational; most marketing campaigns fall short of addressing each and every one of these fifteen aspects all at once–and that’s okay, but there’s a lot of value that can be derived from the exercise of focusing on the goal.

Small Business Marketing Strategy

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Super Bowl Search Trends Research

New research has been released on how consumer search behavior changes during the Super Bowl. The data revealed that Google Search Views skyrocket in key verticals like food and hospitality in the lead-up to the big game — particularly in the host city.

Interview with Cyndee Harrison from Synaptic

One of my favorite quotes is “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” by poet Mary Oliver. It’s a simple reminder that we really only get one chance to design a life that we will be content to look back upon someday. I do my best to remember how wild and precious each and every day really is.

MIX provides Chambers of Commerce With a Unique Resource for Members

MIX addresses several of the challenges that Chambers currently face as identified by a study that was a part of the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives’ Horizon Initiative. MIX’s new approach answers the questions of how Chambers will adapt and evolve to megatrends over the next decade, and how they will ensure that their best days are yet to come.

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