What Color Will It Be? is an engaging new children's picture book that

allows readers to follow the beautifully-illustrated Scarlett and her charming

teddy bear assistant, Mr. Bear, all while learning about our incredible gift of sight and

discovering how our eyes are able to see the world in color.

This book is the first in the Science with Scarlett series which gets young

thinkers wondering and young wonderers thinking.

What Color Will it Be? provides children with a fun and interactive learning

experience alongside Scarlett and Mr. Bear. As the story unfolds, readers will engage in 

complete a fun and fundamental interactive experiment that models how the eye sees

color, by exploring how shadows form and the colors of light mix to make all

the shades of the rainbow appear before our eyes.

What Color Will it Be? is sure to delight audiences of all ages while

inspiring curiosity and scientific thinking.

Age range: 0-6 years old 

ISBN 978-1-64300-998-8 (Paperback) 

ISBN 978-1-64300-999-5 (Hardcover) 

ISBN 978-1-64471-095-1 (Digital) 

Paperback: 32 pages

Publication Date: February 1, 2019

Published by Covenant Books, Inc. 

11661 Hwy 707 

Murrells Inlet, SC 29576 www.covenantbooks.com 

About the author: Gary Abud Jr. is an award-winning educator and double cornea transplant recipient who, since having his sight restored, was moved to use his teaching gifts to make science fun for kids. He lives with his family near Detroit and writes to inspire children, like his preschool daughter, to love science. Gary is the 2014 recipient of the Michigan Teacher of the Year honor.

About the illustrator: Liz Craft is an artist who studied at College for Creative Studies with a focus in illustration and art education. She lives with her husband in Detroit, Michigan, and strives to grow as an artist every day. Liz enjoys teaching art, loves doughnuts, and swimming in Lake Michigan.



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