Become a Founding Member of the Marketing Idea Exchange

Become a Founding Member of the Marketing Idea Exchange


I’d like to tell you a story about WHY I do what I do, and the reason that I’m writing today to invite YOU to be a part of it.  

In 2008, I was working at an ad agency, and the economic conditions were terrifying. I was always looking for cheap or free ways that our clients could improve the results of their marketing and advertising.

For years, I had noticed that the marketing insights that I gained by talking to one client about their experiences and lessons learned always seemed to help when I was working with the next one, even if they were from vastly different business models.  

I started inviting small groups of my clients to lunch so that they could share their experiences and insights directly with one another. What started as just informal and unstructured chats at lunch quickly grew and became a powerful opportunity for all of us involved. It was then that I began to understand the magic of shared collective wisdom.

That was the beginning of the Marketing Idea Exchange or MIX.

Small business owners and others from our local area came together to learn and share, focusing on just what worked for telling their stories in the marketplace.

Our numbers grew as more and more of us gathered around a common love for simple marketing tactics and techniques that just plain work.

The results were staggering. Those who took part were soon spending less time working on the transactions of marketing and more time focused on transformation in their business.  Rather than just monthly lunches, members of the group started checking in with one another for feedback and brainstorming outside of our face-to-face gatherings.

We weren't trying to learn how to be early adopters on the latest technologies. We weren't jumping aboard every bandwagon that passed our way. We just straightforwardly pursued actions that would help us attract new customers, get customers to spend more, and convert them into brand ambassadors for our businesses. Simple as that.  

Now, I’m excited to share that this proven solution is moving to an online platform allowing even more entrepreneurial leaders to tap into the power of MIX, now with exciting features that our original members could’ve never dreamed of.

Going LIVE on February 6, MIX is a straightforward, community-based resource that will help cut through the all noise and find marketing tactics that simply work.  

If you’re ready to move from transactions to transformation, then I invite you to learn more about becoming a Founding Member of the Marketing Idea Exchange.

This video will tell you more about this limited opportunity, I hope you’ll check it out. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have questions or would like to schedule a call!

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