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FRIDAY, JANUARY 18, 2019 at 1pm est

In a 24-hour news world, stories break quickly and trends can rise and fall faster than you can crack an egg ... or as fast as an egg can crack the record for the most likes on Instagram.

For savvy business owners, it's a golden era for sharing messaging and marketing content in response to media stories because technology allows us to respond to news and trends with relative ease and in real time.

A great example of this is Michael Strahan's invitation to Clemson football players to come to New York for a 'proper meal' in response to the viral news story about their White House fast food feast.

A media pro, Michael was smart to remain entirely positive in his messaging and piggyback on a news story without any attacks or digs to the President or anyone else. It was a smart move that is now getting a lot of buzz and drawing attention to his new gig on GMA Day.

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 3.40.13 PM.png

For entrepreneurial business leaders, engaging with news stories and the media is a great idea —until it isn’t.

Like the time that Cinnabon responded to the news of Carrie Fisher's untimely death by posting a picture of her with a Cinnabon Roll in place of her iconic hairstyle.

Or LG responding to news of Apple having an issue with bending of their iPhone 6Plus issues with bending. The tweet itself wasn't necessarily all bad ... it's just the fact that it was sent from an iphone that caught a lot of flack.

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In the case of both Cinnabon and LG, the brands were able to withstand the negative impacts of these missteps. For a smaller business, however, these same mistakes could've been ruinous. No myth is more dangerous to your brand than believing that any publicity is good publicity.

Therefore, I'm hosting a quick and informal conversation, Media Training for Small Business Owners in a couple of days. The truth is that I've been anxious to try out a new version of webinar hosting software anyways, and this will be a fun and informative conversation that I think will provide a lot of value while giving me a chance to kick the tires … I may even try to broadcast it live on Facebook.

I hope you're able to join us — reserve your spot by signing up using the form below. Please pass it along to others who could benefit from learning more about:

  • How to Develop a Media Plan for your Business

  • How to Generate Positive Media Coverage

  • How to Manage Messaging on Social Media

  • Tips for Containing a Communication Crisis

FRIDAY, JANUARY 18, 2019 at 1pm est

What’s the catch? No catch — we’re presenting this free webinar in an effort to grow our network as we prepare to launch MIX: Marketing Idea Exchange and would like to send you a one-time invitation to check it out when it launches in a few weeks. That’s it.


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