Exceed Your Retail Sales Goals in the Age of Amazon

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The Synaptic Approach to Retail Sales focuses on three essential elements of sales strategy that allows participants to learn how to close more deals, increase margins, and make more sales through referrals:

  • STANDARDIZED SALES PROCESS: Behavioral studies show that a sales process (and the discipline to follow it) is the top determining factor of productivity and job satisfaction among sales professionals.

  • TIME MANAGEMENT: Effective time management strategies help even the busiest sales teams stick to the sales process, even during their busiest seasons

  • COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Value proposition, pricing, even features and benefits don't matter unless prospects are engaged and hear your messaging. Modern communications tactics are therefore essential to sales success.

Click HERE to grab your copy of our eBook!

Click HERE to grab your copy of our eBook!


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The details — Retail Sales Training for your team

The 2018 holiday season just closed with higher-than ever spending while retail storefronts report yet another year of decreased foot traffic and sales. For some areas of retail, as much as 30% of purchases made in 2019 will occur online rather than in-store. It’s therefore more important than ever to make the transition to modern selling strategies. We live in an age where the retailers who survive and thrive are those who can deliver a seamless and consistent experience across channels both in-store and online.

That smooth and coherent approach to sales is called omnichannel -- one cohesive buying experience for the customer wherever and however they connect to us.

The Synaptic Approach is completely different from other sales training programs. This Retail Sales Training is specifically designed for the in-store team who interface with customers.

The skills and tools provided will improve your company’s sales performance whether your online marketing and ecommerce is simple or sophisticated. This fresh, interactive sales training course will bring transformational change to your sales strategy. And the outcomes are guaranteed:


  • Six experiential training modules

  • Self-guided e-learning style

  • Personalized goal-setting and accountability

  • SIX LIVE weekly coaching and support calls

  • Membership in our exclusive online community

  • Certificate of completion


  • Omnichannel selling strategy

  • Consistency among each and every shopper

  • A mindset change to succeeding by serving

  • Best Practices in retail sales for the 2018 Holiday Shopping Season

Course Description:

WHO: This course is intended for individuals whose jobs involve interaction with customers in sales or service roles including retail sales, customer service, and hospitality.

WHAT: 3-hour onsite introductory course (can be split to accommodate your team’s scheduling) to set expectations and introduce content

HOW: Material is delivered in person at the beginning of the course and then participants have access to online lessons that really drill down the fundamental tactics and offer weekly exercises that are to be completed on the job. Managers will receive weekly reports of how their team performed on the assessment and whether or not they joined the weekly coaching call.

WHY: The lessons are designed to provide workable solutions for anyone who interfaces with customers and stakeholders, regardless or their seniority or authority level. Participants will learn and implement modern sales tools and tactics that complement and complete your existing marketing and advertising efforts, both traditional and online.

The Outcomes — what you’ll accomplish:

The courses that are a part of The Synaptic Approach are designed to be affordable, engaging, and easy to implement for even the busiest teams. They all include e-learning modules, ‘try-this’ exercises, resources to extend the learning, and weekly coaching and collaboration calls.

In this course, designed for individuals who own or work in brick-and-mortar retail stores, here’s what you can expect to accomplish. At the end of this course, your team will:

  • UNDERSTAND the realities of the retail space that we live in today and how it impacts brick-and-mortar businesses

  • PRACTICE PROVEN STRATEGIES AIMED AT HELPING YOU SURVIVE and THRIVE in this changing environment, even if your business isn't ready to compete online

  • REPLICATE the OUTCOMES of omnichannel buying experiences. That's a lotta syllables, but we’ll make it easy to understand today’s selling landscape.

Training Modules —What we’ll cover

Participants have access to webinar-based training sessions that they can watch again and again which include a video portion as well as an excercise that they’ll complete on the job. There are also LIVE Weekly Support / Q&A

  • Understanding Today's Customer: the one-click customer at the brick-and-mortar store

  • Workarounds: providing omnichannel outcomes for customers in you your analog store

  • What You Say and How You Say It: the language of excellence in sales, service, and culture

  • The Sales Process: automating excellence


    1. Personal branding and reputation management

    2. Shoestring marketing