What others say about working with me


I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Cyndee on training for our staff on a number of occasions. She is an outstanding communicator with a sharp business mind and a delivery style that makes the information easy for her audience to understand.

mark w

Cyndee is adept at listening--really listening, to a client's wants and needs ... she's a calm and steady source of sound judgement who keeps things simple and is an absolutely fun person to have on your team.

— michael t

Cyndee has the unique ability to take complex topics and break them down into digestible pieces so that they become a part of the work culture. Her training literally transformed our organization. She takes her work more seriously than anyone I’ve ever worked with, all the while being positive and upbeat … never taking herself too seriously.  

— kathy m

Cyndee was instrumental in our rebranding and marketing efforts and accompanied our team to trade shows and conferences all over the country. We found her to be creative, competent, and self-directed.  

— kye h


Cyndee is an extremely hard working professional who is innovative, creative, and delivers outstanding results. It is always a pleasure to partner with her

— Mary L

Cyndee is a burst of energy! She is open minded, direct and pleasantly aggressive. I enjoyed working with Cyndee because of her work ethic for the company she represents as well as the betterment of her customer.

Cyndee is fun to have in the office and a true team player.

— angel e

Cyndee gets the big picture.  Her charming and kind personality show through everything she does. She makes it a point to stay on top of industry trends and   thoroughly reports new findings and interesting stories to the team. You can always count on Cyndee to bring creative, fun ideas to the table. It is rewarding to be on a team with her - and a ton of fun!

— kelly b

Working with Cyndee has been a pleasant, productive, and beneficial experience. With great ideas and out-of-the-box thinking, Cyndee has the ability to truly find the win-win outcome in every situation. I was impressed by her professionalism and ability to manage a project with close attention to details, and yet, keep an eye on the big picture. I strongly recommend Cyndee’s work.

— jonathan m