What it's like to work with me

The outcomes of The Synaptic Approach are guaranteed. The reason is simple -- I only offer solutions that have been thoroughly tested and proven.

I also work hard to make sure that the business owners I work with are a good fit for this particular approach and face a specific challenge in their successful business that I'm confident I can help them overcome.

My work crosses three broad categories: People, Communications, and Operations. The modules and initiatives that I offer are carefully designed to provide transformational change and a forever solution to a real business problem.

Listed below are the current offerings ... more modules are being developed all the time, so be sure that you check back frequently and stay in touch!



There can be no question that the business of selling at a brick-and-mortar store location is experiencing an enormous transformation. To respond, your sales team must change their approach.

Your customers increasingly expect great customer service, vibrant stores, and digital channels that are in harmony with the in-store experience.

Our fun and interactive sales training will provide your employees with precisely what they need in this shifting landscape so that your business can compete and thrive in today's market. Download a PDF.


  • Six weeks of experiential training for your team

  • Self-guided e-learning modules

  • Personalized goal-setting and accountability

  • LIVE weekly coaching and support


  • Omnichannel retail selling strategy

  • Consistency among each and every shopper

  • A mindset change to succeeding by serving

  • Best Practices in retail sales for the 2018 Holiday Shopping Season




One of the defining moments of any organization's development comes when faced with the transition from a small entrepreneurial venture to a robust enterprise. Download a PDF

The Synaptic Approach to Operational Excellence will bridge the gap between your business staying where it is and building a company capable of dramatic growth and long-term success.


  • Onsite Cultural Initiative Kickoff and Training

  • Personalized support for employees, leadership team, and owners

  • Change Management Training and Implementation Guide for Owners and Leaders

  • Establishing of Organizational Operations Manual

  • Weekly accountability and support sessions


  • Easier and more effective employee training and lower turnover

  • Time savings and efficiency

  • Scale-ability and increased market value for your business

  • Reduced liability risks

  • Higher customer satisfaction through consistent and standardized interactions

  • Foundation for growth and succession planning

  • Consistent employee effectiveness: your employee base can perform at the same level as your best employees by standardizing the best practices and processes

  • Improved bottom line performance through reduced errors and inefficiency




Too often, companies promote workers into managerial positions because they seemingly deserve it, rather than have the talent for it. This practice doesn't work. A Gallup Poll finds that companies fail to choose the candidate with the right talent for the job 82% of the time.

The Synaptic Approach to Operational Excellence will bridge the gap between new managers' natural leadership talents with the skills and tools that they'll need to lead in the modern workplace.  Download a PDF


  • Personalized Training

  • One-on-one support for new managers

  • Weekly accountability and support sessions

  • Peer to-peer mentoring group and other tools for ensuring future success


Training designed to teach strategies, provide tools, and shift mindset in order to:

  • create a culture of clear accountability

  • motivate every single employee

  • engage employees with the organizational vision

  • develop the assertiveness to drive outcomes and the ability to overcome adversity and resistance

  • build relationships that create trust, open dialogue, and transparency

  • make decisions based on productivity, not politics



best practices in social media for small business

Most small business owners understand the importance of integrating social media into their marketing and advertising strategy. But making sense of all of the different channels and the emerging technologies can be as overwhelming as trying to change a tire on a moving car.

This to-the-point training will help make sense of the practices and techniques that make the most sense for your business and cut through the noise to make sure that your efforts are focused on outcomes and sales. Download a PDF


  • Professional assessment of the current findability of your business on relevant channels

  • Convenient online training

  • 30- and 45-Day Day Follow-up calls


  • A realistic outcomes-based strategy that starts where you ARE ... novice to master

  • A rightsized approach to social media and other digital strategies that will set you on a path to success and growth




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Be sure that you SIGN UP so that you're always informed about our offerings and events!